Everything you need for the perfect baptism service

Celebrate the joy of baptism with our exclusive collection of premium-quality baptism shirts, designed especially for church groups and congregations big & small.

Custom Baptism Designs for your church

Looking for a custom baptism design with your church logo, or have something specific in mind? We’d love to help!

We create custom shirt design, or can print using your existing designs. 

Every Baptism is a Miracle

Each baptism is a declaration of faith, a journey of transformation, and a celebration of new beginnings.

In the waters of baptism, we witness the miracle of spiritual rebirth, where old things pass away, and all things become new. It is a sacred moment where the ordinary transcends into the extraordinary, and the mundane gives way to the divine.

Every baptism is a miracle. And at Baptism Gear, we’re honored to be a part of yours.

the Believer's Journey

As you embark on the journey of baptism, may you be reminded of the miracle that surrounds you, the grace that sustains you, and the love that embraces you. And may our baptism shirts and church shirts serve as a tangible reminder of the miracle that lives within each and every one of us.

Join us in celebrating the miracle of baptism and the extraordinary grace that accompanies it. Together, let us bear witness to the wonder of faith, the beauty of redemption, and the miracle of new life.


“Perfect for baptism service! Ordered 3 for 3 different sizes. All fit great and have held up well over the weeks”
Pastor Brett Horsman
Waukee, IA


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